Amaranthine Poster

A story of loss, Amaranthine traces the day that Mark and Hillary Schrader decide to stop pretending to be in love after 20 years of marriage.

This film came from myself working through some family issues. Both Mark and Hillary Schrader are based on a bunch of people I know from my hometown. I think their desperation and longing for knowing their life wasn’t a waste is something everyone can empathize with. This whole film ties to the saying, “Ignorance is Bliss”. While the world passes by and everything happens so fast, sometimes marital problems and alcoholism can be ignored since it is easier to just pretend it isn’t there. I hope my audience watches this film and feels Hillary and Mark’s despair and know that the events happening to their marriage will not happen in their own lives. Or, if they already are, give them the courage to face their problems rather than ignore them.

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